What we offer

No strings attached free consultation & quotation
Awesome & enchanting android app at an affordable price

Performance across all devices

Fully written in Java, nothing can beat the performance of a native Android app, added with the largest compatibility across Android devices.

Access Native Functionality

Other than performance advantage, apps developed natively can access all the native features of your mobile phone – GPS, gyro, compass, camera etc. So only your imagination would limit what kind of app you want us to develop.

Flexible Payment

Pay the deposit only when we have started the work, and delivered the initial app to you*. After that we would list the completion date of each requested features, and you only need to make the payment after we have completed the feature.

Beautifully Written Code

All our codes are written to make sure it is clean & easily understandable, so later when you want to enhance your app, you can engage anyone to do the job. Of course we would really love it if you engage us again, but we just want to make sure we keep the option open for you.

For everyone, everywhere

Professionally crafted & flawlessly working Android app isn't just for large companies anymore.
Build awesome app that suits your need without breaking the bank.

We are fully aware that many small & medium sized companies are looking to have their own Android app that they themselves can be proud of, but because of the steep price, many have resorted to develop their app using low quality tools or hired cheap and unreliable freelancers - resulting in app that 'just' work.

We are here to squash the perception that you need a vast amount of financial resources to create Android apps that works superbly. All our apps are fully written in Java which is Android's native language, resulting in apps that works flawlessly across all devices.

Do contact us & tell us what kind of app that you want. We cater all type of clients, from a single person to big corporations. For full time engagement, our rate starts at just US$240 per day. Or for a part-time engagement, our rate starts at US$45 per hour.

  • Satisfaction

    Our rate starts at only US$30 per hour. Yes you read that right. Contact us now to book our time before someone else does.


    More than 50% cheaper than other Android developers. We can offer this because we're located in Malaysia.

  • Pay Nothing First

    Pay only when we've started working on your app & delivered the initial version of the app & source code to you *.

  • From Start to finish

    We'll assist you to get the app that you want, from the start until your app gets deployed at the Play Store

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