Meniti is now on Google Play Store!

We have just uploaded the first version of Meniti – Simple Finance Planner on Google Play Store.

Meniti – Simple Finance Planner is a personal finance planning app that focus on being intuitive, effective and simple enough to be used by everyone, everywhere daily. Most other personal money management app that’s available on the market now is either being too simple hence making it not really effective in helping users manage their hard-earned income, or too complex to be used by most people, unless they take some time to learn how to use the app. Or accounting.

Among the features of Meniti – Simple Finance Planner:

  • Less than 3 minutes to set up the app the first time you use it.
  • Create allocation for your monthly income to 6 segments, namely:
    • Necessities
    • Savings
    • Entertainment
    • Investment
    • Education
    • Charity
  • The segments above follows the time-tested & proven personal money management method called money jar or money envelope. By segmenting your income to these segments, it can help you focus the use of your money on the things that mattered to you most.
  • In addition, users can create their own categories and put it under any of the segments above. This will help users to categorize their spending according to their need.
  • Good looking charts to help users visualize their current financial status. Easily see their income allocation, how much they have used and the balance that they have and get to know how much money they can spend on average per day for the remaining days of the month.
  • Record daily expenses – you can toggle the interface to only show the basic fields (description, category & cost) or add more information regarding, which includes:
    • Location where the stuff/service was purchased
    • Overall rating of the stuff/service
    • How you paid for the item – it can be cash, credit card, debit card or anything. This can be easily added using the Payment Method function.
    • For item paid using credit card, a daily notification would be displayed, reminding the user the total amount of outstanding credit card bills. Users can easily tap on the notification message, and tick the expenses where he/she had settled the credit card bills.
  • Create automatic & manual recurring expenses.
    • Automatic recurring expense – the expense would be inserted automatically every month on the date that you set
    • Manual recurring expenses – you’ll get notifications few days before the payment day to remind you to make the payment.
  • Create financial goals – set your goal, how much you plan to have and optionally when you plan to have it, and let this app guide you towards your goal. It will always automatically update your goal’s progress based on your latest financial habit, and give recommendations when needed. In the future, we plan to add a Widget for the goals that you created, so you can easily see the progress of your goals from your phone’s home & lock screen.
  • Add unlimited number of income, and define how you’d like to allocate the income.
  • Dashboard with charts to easily see your total income allocation, spending and balance for all segments.
  • See how much you have spent & rate a particular location.

And here’s the explanation regarding the requested permissions:
1) Read, modify or delete the contents of USB storage – needed to make Google Map under My Places work.
2) Location – needed to get your location, if you choose to tag the location where you made the spending.

The free version of the app has all the features listed above, except:

  1. There’s a limit on the number of categories, payment methods & recurring expenses that you can create.
  2. Cannot create financial goals.
  3. Ad-supported.
get_on_google_play Download Meniti Plus for only USD$2.50 Have all the features listed above. All future enhancements are free.
get_on_google_play Download Meniti Basic for free Ad Supported. Limited number of categories, payment methods & recurring expenses. Cannot create financial goals.

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