Meniti – Simple Finance Planner – Technical Info

Meniti – Simple Finance Planner was fully developed using Java, utilizing Android Studio IDE. Basically here’s the stuff/API/tools/or whatever things that we used in developing Meniti (in no proper order, of course):

  • RecyclerView – worth mentioning, since it’s much more awesome compared to ListView
  • RESTful API & JSON – interaction & passing of data between the app and our PHP server, which handles the registration and login of user accounts, data backup & restore.
  • IntentService – the service that runs on the background of Android OS that handles displaying notifications (outstanding credit card bills, recurring expenses that’s about to due and alerts about the places that you have been).
  • Google Play Services – including Google Map & Location Services.

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You may click on the images below to download Meniti Plus & Meniti Basic.

get_on_google_play Download Meniti Plus for only US$3.00 Have all the features listed above. All future enhancements are free.
get_on_google_play Download Meniti Basic for free Ad Supported. Limited number of categories, payment methods & recurring expenses. Cannot create financial goals.

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