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What differentiate your company from the other Android development companies?

  • We develop apps using Android’s native language, Java.
    • Many other companies, especially the ones who provides their service at a cheap rate will develop apps using HTML5 or terribly made hybrid app, resulting in application that doesn’t work very well, always crash,  and basically will frustrate the users of the app.
    • We’re not here to say apps developed using HTML5 is always terrible. On some cases, it’s the preferred method, especially when cost and time-to-market is the main concern. But customers should be made aware of the pros & cons of HTML5 app beforehand.
  • We write beautiful & structured code.
    • All our codes are written to make sure it is clean & easily understandable, so later when you want to enhance your app, you can engage anyone to do the job. Of course we would really love it if you engage us again, but we just want to make sure we keep the option open for you.
    • And if you want, we can teach you how to make simple changes to your app that we made, so that later when you want to make small changes, you can do it yourself! Honestly we really love it when our client wants to learn a little coding from us.
  • We would guide & assist you from the start, up until launching & managing the app on Google Play Store 
    • If you’re not sure what you want, what kind of app you need, or anything concerning your dream app, come talk to us. Use the contact form at the front page, or if you’re the kind who use Whatsapp, just send a message to +60189198385 for a friendly chat on anything regarding your dream app. Our consultation is free. And we don’t bite.
    • We would progressively give you feedback on the progress of the app development so that you’ll feel that you’re part of the development team. Of course if you don’t want this, we wont bother you :). Instead we would just deliver the app & source code on the promised timelines.
  • Source code would be delivered to you progressively
    • During the discussion period, we would set the deadlines of the features that should be completed. And when the feature is completed, we are going to give you the latest source code of the app.
    • We would help you to setup Android Studio on your computer and teach you how to compile the source code and run the app on your mobile phone in all its glory!
    • This way, you can always verify that the source code that we gave you are the latest working one.
  • Flexible payment
    • You don’t have to pay anything up front, until we have completed 5%* of the app that you requested and delivered the app to you. If you’re happy with what you see and decided to engage our service, then only you have to pay the 5%.
    • Further payment should be made upon completion of the agreed functionality of the app according to the agreed timelines.
    • *On app development that takes more than 2 months, the percentage of completed app that we can deliver to you maybe lower than 5%.
  • Free update
    • Should the app that we developed contained any bug, we would be more than happy to have it fixed for free, up to 1 year from the date of the launch of the app.

You company’s rate are as cheap as freelancers. How do you guys manage with such low rates?

  • We are based in Malaysia.
  • Our core-team is small and dedicated. We’d only hire extra people should the need really come.

What kind of apps that your company can develop?

We can develop any type of apps that you want. Be it stand-alone app, apps that connect to the internet and/or any kind of web service, apps that use location and Google Map, or so on. We strongly suggest you to take a look at our latest app, Meniti – Simple Finance Planner at Google Play Store . The app may look simple, but it actually incorporates many features, including:

  • Location & GPS
  • Background services
  • Client & server connection using RESTful, JSON & PHP
  • Google Map

Where’s the portfolio of the apps that your company have created?

We have developed several apps in the past 3 years, but unfortunately we’re not in liberty to showcase those apps here. You can contact us if you really need to take a look at those apps. However, you can take a look at the apps that we’ve created for our own by clicking on the Google Play Store icons below.

get_on_google_play Download Meniti – Simple Finance Planner
get_on_google_play Download Meniti Plus – Simple Finance Planner

Do you guys provide the design (icon & images) for the mobile app?

No we don’t. You have to provide us all the icon, images, or anything that you want us to incorporate into the app. If you don’t, we will just use free icons and images that’s available.

Do your company develop games?

No we don’t. Game development need an entirely different skill sets, and we love to focus on what we do best. We love to play games though.

Any chance we can meet before I decided to engage you guys?

Sure. We can arrange a Skype or Google Hangout Meeting.  Or if you’re nearby Selangor or Kuala Lumpur, just inform us a day earlier on the time & location that we can meet. Or if you’re not in Malaysia but you still want to meet us, we’d be very happy to meet at your place.. and at your cost, of course 🙂

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