June 11, 2017

Technical Info – MyMoneyManaged

MyMoneyManaged was originally developed for only my personal use, since at that time (2008) I couldn’t find any online personal financial management system that suits my need.

  • I developed everything using PHP, jQuery (originally I use prototype.js, then migrate to jQuery), MySQL, CSS
  • For the design, initially I just use a free html template. Then after it got more than 100 users, I paid my friend to do the design in PSD and CSS.
  • Was featured in KillerStartups and a local personal financial magazine.
  • You can login to to MyMoneyManaged using my old account, imin83@gmail.comimin1234
  • Not maintained anymore (after failed to secure grant), but I just keep it online since they’re still a few active users (maybe around 20+); furthermore I just use a very cheap hosting anyway. Total registered users is 3900+.
  • Few years ago I unsuccessfully tried to get marketing grant (to especially market the merchant feature of this system) – merchant website is available here. You can login to the merchant system by using demo@mymoneymanaged.com  | demo1234